Who We Are:

Grand Africa Initiative (GAIN) is a Pan-African Non-governmental organization on a mission to help African young men and women, betweeen 15 and 35 years, develop and harness their unique ideas, talents and abilities; we work with them to unleash their full potentials through our Gather, Empower, Mentor and Monitor (GEMM) strategy. Using this strategy, we drive digital inclusion in Africa, help young men and women to explore their unique talents and develop skills for success in education, employment, entrepreneurship and innovation. We aim to train and empower millions of African young men and women in digital, leadership, employability and entrepreneurial skills for self-sustenance. By empowering young African men and women, we will reduce unemployment, poverty, illegal migration and crime; while creating jobs, safer societies and improving the economies of Africa. Our programs seek to achieve sustainable development by igniting the positive energy of the greater segment of Africa’s population - young men and women.
Our Philosophy
We Are GEMM-Focused

Global innovation from African continent is possible through the sustained, GEMM-focused, transformative power of distinctive ideas, talents and lives of its young men and women

Our Vision
We Are Innovation Driven

A prosperous continent, characterized by sustainable development, driven by committed, capable, entrepreneurial and innovative young men and women

Our Mission
We are Creative

Gather, Empower, Mentor and Monitor (GEMM) African youth to succeed in education, innovation and entrepreneurship in order to reduce poverty, inequality, illegal migration crises and insecurity; and to achieve a safer, more economically empowered and developed Africa through youth development

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Why Identify With GAIN
We Are Innovation Driven
  • We are Result Oriented: GAIN annual summit plants hope and inspires action by specially recognizing and celebrating African change agents. This is aimed to encourage further positive impact on the continent.
  • We are a Connected Community: A one stop global community of Africans from all over the world, a large gathering of African youngsters and leaders. GAIN will become the biggest platform from which the voices of African youth will be heard. Every young African has a voice on GAIN platform: concerns of the youth and actionable responses.
  • We operate a Mentorship Hub: GAIN as a platform bridges the gap between global leaders in both private and public sectors and young African leaders in employment, entrepreneurship, innovation and education.
  • A lot to “GAIN” from our Network:A global opportunity for meaningful and impactful networking.
Our Values

F= Focus

Our Focus Areas

• Youth employment

• Youth development

• Entrepreneurship

• Innovation

• Education

• Digital Inclusion

Where We Operate

We operate across African Countries and wherever Africans live!


Grow with GAIN: This is a bi-monthly learning session that holds online and offline. This session brings experts to share their knowledge on various topics for the benefit of the youth. The online version of this program holds every first and third week of the month and streams live on GAIN social media pages-Facebook and Youtube. Exact dates are published on our social media pages.

A Date with GAIN Mentors: This is our hangout session with experienced global mentors. It is a platform where we provide the opportunity for young people to interact closely with highly experienced individuals from all walks of life and from around the world. The goal is to grant young people access to learn from the decision makers of today and stand on the shoulders of today’s giants to enable them grow faster, professionally and personally. The online version of this program streams live on our social media pages every last Friday of the month.


Africa has the youngest population in the world and by 2055, this population of young men and women is expected to double the 2015 figure which was 226 million (UNDP (2017). The prosperity of the continent clearly depends on implementing a strategy that would unlock the potential of this demographic; however, Africa is still far from achieving this all-important and often un-acknowledged objective. Bridging this gap is the main focus of our organization, the Grand Africa Initiative (GAIN).

The World Bank 2018 report predicted that eighty-seven (87) percent of the world’s extreme poor will live in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2030, considering her population growth rate and economic growth trajectory over the recent past. The shocking reality is that Africa has an unprecedented high rate of unemployment across its regions, with unemployed and under-employed young men and women roaming the streets. The World Bank in 2018 also reported that unemployment among young men and women accounts for sixty (60) percent of all unemployed people in Africa and 16.15% of young women from Sub-Saharan Africa are unemployed. In addition, many of those who manage to find some form of employment are underemployed. The International Labour Organisation emphasized the impact of underemployment in Africa where over 80% of Africa’s youth live on less than $2 per day, which is the global poverty benchmark (ILO 2016).

The African Development bank (AfDB), in their report on jobs for the youth in Africa, predicted that

Global Board of Trustees/Advisors

We are a team passionate about building a bigger & better Africa

Program Team

What We Do

Our Programs.



We champion policy advocacy, research, thought leadership and strategic engagement for African young men and women; promote mindset/value re-orientation and awareness creation among the youth.


Education & Mentorship:

We are dedicated to training African youth on bespoke life skills, employability, digital, financial and leadership skills; Innovation and entrepreneurship programs. “If sixty (60) percent of Africa’s youth are equipped with the right skills and given the right opportunities, this demographic group could help propel Africa onto a higher growth path” - AfDB 2015.



We create and promote opportunities by sourcing and disseminating information on funding, grants, scholarships, apprenticeships, internships, exchange programs, competitions, events, awards and other opportunities for the youth.



We empower youth through targeted programmes. We have gender focused programs, situational based programs for teenage mothers; special Counselling Sessions (SpeCS); community-based development programs, mentorship series, technical and focused support. Our empowerment also includes donations of educational materials, computers and other gadgets for digital education especially to schools and communities in underserved areas.

About Program



We create and promote opportunities by sourcing and disseminating information on funding, grants, scholarships, apprenticeships, internships, exchange programs, competitions, events, awards and other opportunities for the youth.


Here's what we're talking about.

Keys to Excellence in Education and other Life Goals

Recently, Grand Africa Initiative under her Grand Teens Series pulled together about 600 students from twenty-two senior secondary schools in Abuja for a life changing and very impactful engagement. The theme of this event was The Keys to Excellence and Other life Goals. Role models from various walks of life such as Professor Chukwuma Soludo, Professor Pat Utomi, Professor Chuma Ozumba, Dr Kema Chikwe, Dr Obiora Okonkwo, Dr Joy Ugwuegede, Professor Onwualu, Rev Professor Hyacinth Ichoku, Hon Maja Umeh and many others interacted with these young students encouraging them to imbibe excellence in their academic pursuit and other life endeavours. Educational materials were also donated to the students and the libraries of their various schools.

Leadership Capacity Building

The Founder of Grand Africa Initiative recently engaged the youth in Enugu State on the implications of the Not too young to run bill which was recently passed in Nigeria. Such program falls under the Grand Africa Initiative Leadership and Capacity Building Programs. GAI engages the youth at various levels in a bid to inculcate the can do spirit and resuscitate the will to succeed even in the face of daunting challenges. This program covers topical issues such as politics, education, careers, entrepreneurship, self-development, leadership, technology and innovations among others. This range of programs is aimed to push the youth out of their comfort zone, brainstorm on success strategies all with the goal of succeeding at national and continent levels

Amichi Youth Empowerment Summit

Grand Africa Initiative under her Community development programs empowered the youth of Amichi, a town in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. The Amichi Youth Empowerment Summit with the theme Amichi Youth Rising, held on the 8th of November, 2018. The participants includes students from senior secondary schools within Amichi and other young school leavers. The Five Secondary schools within Amichi- Union Secondary School, Community Secondary School, Holy Child Convent, Rhema Int’l Secondary School and Trinity Comprehensive Secondary School- were all greatly represented.

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Community Level Engagement

Under her Community Development Programs, Grand Africa Initiative took on the youth of Ogidi, a town in Anambra State, Nigeria. The theme of the event was Awaken the Giant in You. The youth of Ogidi town came out en masse to discuss how and ways to be explore their best potentials. This program was geared towards encouraging the youth to embrace entrepreneurship and innovation to create jobs for the unemployed. The giant in many youth of Ogidi was indeed awakened by this engagement.

Grand Teen Series: Grand Africa Initiative Takes Opi High School

Grand Africa Initiative (GAI) recently, engaged the teens of Opi high school in Enugu State, Nigeria. This program which had over 300 students in attendance featured mentoring session, fireside chats, questions and answer session, quiz and spelling bee competitions, prize awards among others. Many students inspired by this encounter pledged to become more devoted to developing their best potentials beginning with achieving success in their educational pursuit. GAI also gave out educational materials as prizes to winners in the competitions and also financial support to a student who sponsors his own education by engaging in menial jobs

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Partner with GAIN

We will be happy to partner with you in any of the following ways:

  • • Conduct needs assessment

  • • Conduct a training program on the themes: entrepreneurship, mentoring, youth employment, employability skills, digital skills, leadership, self development etc.

  • • Organise a conference, summit, retreat, workshop or seminar.

  • • Sponsor scholarship, internship, excursion or exchange programs.

  • • Organise a business ideas/plan competition

  • • Organise academic competition

  • • Organise and run a campaign

  • • Design a program for a school, community or region.

  • • Engage in policy advocacy

  • • Design and implement a customised program

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