About Felix Achibiri

Felix Achibiri is an astute entrepreneur and business man with board and corporate experience spanning leading companies in several sectors. His extensive corporate experience comes with proven achievement in oil and gas, engineering and construction, financial services, agribusinesses and business background in National, International and Multicultural environments. His areas of expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Acquisition and integration
  • Organic business growth
  • Public speaking
  • Strategic partnership
  • Business growth

Mr. Achibiri seats on several boards, of such, is Fortis Micro Finance Bank Plc., where he is currently the Chairman of the Board, the second micro finance bank to be listed on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Mr. Achibiri is also the Founder and Chairman of DFC Holdings Limited, a privately own, internationally diversified African Company, set up to take advantage of investment opportunities in Nigeria and the Africa Continents, as identified by Holding entity.

Mr. Achibiri is a graduate of Business Administration and has attended several international trainings, conferences and courses on Executive Management amongst these institutions includes The Harvard Business School Boston Massachusetts USA.

  • He is an Alumina of Africa Board fellowship.
  • Fellow of the Institute of Credit Administration (ICA).
  • Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultant (IMC).
  • Recipient of the Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) credit management Honors Award (2014).
  • Member of the prestigious Consultative Africa Business Group.
  • Member of British Safety Council.
  • BID Century International Gold Quality Award, Geneva Switzerland (2015).